h&m gutberlet gmbh

Max-Brod-Straße 11
90471 Nürnberg

Fon: +49-(0)911-818660
Fax: +49-(0)911-81866-22
Email: info@kaweco-pen.com

Contact persons for KAWECO:

Michael Gutberlet
email: m.gutberlet@kaweco-pen.com
phone: 0049-(0)911-81866-0

Erika Prull
Assistant to CEO
email:  erika.prull@gutberlet.com
phone: 0049-(0)911-81866-11

Sebastian Gutberlet
Kaweco Sales Manager
email:  sebastian.gutberlet@kaweco-pen.com
phone: 0049-(0)911-81866-46

Christiane De La Rosa (geb. Gutberlet)
Kaweco Sales & Export Manager
email: christiane.delarosa@kaweco-pen.com
phone: 0049-(0)911-81866-33

Sabine Götz
Kaweco Sales
email: sabine.goetz@kaweco-pen.com
phone: 0049-(0)911-81866-21

Ingrid Schreiner
Kaweco Sales
email: ingrid.schreiner@kaweco-pen.com
phone: 0049-(0)911-81866-12

Sabine Wirth 
Kaweco Purchasing Manager
email: sabine.wirth@kaweco-pen.com
phone: 0049-(0)911-81866-20

Daniel Hormes
Kaweco Production Manager
email: daniel.hormes@kaweco-pen.com
phone: 0049-(0)911-81866-56

Jochen Küffner

Kaweco warehouse
email: lager@kaweco-pen.com
phone: 0049-(0)911-81866-55

Klaus Meier
OEM Sales
email: klaus.meier@gutberlet.com
phone: 0049-(0)911-81866-30

Sandra Roth
OEM Sales
email: sandra.roth@gutberlet.com
phone: 0049-(0)911-81866-31

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