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A fusion of art, craftmanship, creativity and attitude

Pablo Fontagnier, aka Hombre, has been part of the worldwide graffiti and street art scene for 25 years. What distinguishes his style and reputation is the preservation of classical imagery, coupled with constant technical development and openness to new ideas. This is where Kaweco intersects: traditional design meets zeitgeist with attention to detail. All proceeds from the sale of this limited edition, limited to 500 pieces and hand-numbered, will be donated to childdren in need. On 07.12.2019 there will be a release party at bubeundkönig in Nuremberg between 14h and 19h. Everyone is welcome to drop by. You can preorder your version here, shipping starts on Monday, 09.12.2019.

THE ART The artist Hombre was born in Mannheim in 1981 and realized early on that he wasn't interested in swimming with the current. In the 90s Hombre discovered his passion for drawing and painting, which later on not only made his exercise books suffer, but also his mother's nerves. Graffiti quickly offered the niche in which he felt comfortable. Influenced by the comic heroes of his childhood, graffiti icons like can2 and a lot of inhaled varnish, he developed his own distinctive style. As a qualified illustrator and graphic artist, he has been self-employed since 2006 and has already proven his skills in several brand cooperations and on walls worldwide. Free art, however, continues to be a matter close to his heart. Hombre embodies innovation and remains true to himself because his inspiration is life, like the people from his everyday life, the music, the films and his surroundings. It was precisely this philosophy, his strong awareness of quality and his values, that prompted him to initiate a joint cooperation with the Kaweco brand. Kaweco writing instruments are a statement of quality and design. Since 1883, the products have been created with refinement and attention to detail. The octagonal design makes Kaweco unmistakable. It can be found in many models made of contemporary materials and colors. Visit Hombre on Instagram.

CRAFTMANSHIP AND CREATIVITY Hombre took a closer look at Kaweco pens and tested them extensively for their sketching capabilities. The 2.0 mm thick pencil from the Special S series was particularly suitable for drawing. The Al Sport Gel Roller proved to be the ideal tool for the charismatic black lines that followed. Both lie perfectly in the hand and are ideal for on-the-go use due to their small size. The white hombre engraving on the two black drawing utensils catches the eye and is particularly rich in contrast. The noble tin can in which the pencils can be stored bears the artist's signature like a graffiti tag. The hand-numbered sleeve shows an arrangement of illustrations by the artist in a monochrome look. The set is limited to 500 pieces, each copy is manually numbered and available at a price of 99 EUR.

THE ATTITUDE Children are our future and unfortunately not everyone gets the same chance for happiness, health and financial means. Hombre and Kaweco combine their strengths to create awareness of how to make the world a little better place and think of those who don't have it that easy. In the course of the cooperation the vision developed to realize the whole project on a non-profit basis - for Hombre as well as for Kaweco. The entire proceeds from the sale of this limited edition - rounded up to EUR 50,000 - will go to children in need. The Cnopfschen Children's Hospital in Nuremberg, will benefit from a donation of 25,000 EUR for sick children. With the second half, Burgthann Hilft e. V. is financing the construction of a school in Ukunda, a coastal town in Kenya. The school will provide up to 100 destitute children with access to education, food, fresh water and medical care. Both organizations pass on 100% of the donations. The pictures show impressions of the planned school in Africa. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Material: Aluminium
Colour: Black
Weight: 50 g