Kaweco SUPRA Fountain Pen Stainless Steel

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The strong model made of stainless steel.

A high-quality tool for writing: The robust model made of solid stainless steel is ergonomically handy. Due to the high weight of the model, the fountain pen presses slightly onto the paper itself. This makes it possible for you to write long and comfortable. The minimalistic design is reminiscent of Bauhaus and Braun.
The weight and length of the fountain pen can be individually adapted to each hand by different screw connections, e. g. whether you use the connection piece or not.
With the choice of your desired nib, your pen will become individual. All nibs are made in Germany.
You can choose between five nib sizes that vary from extra fine (EF), which is mainly used for a very small and fine handwriting, to extra broad (BB), which is called into action for large and dramatic signatures. If you're not sure about what you like, we recommend the nib size M.

Do you want to change the nib of your Supra? Please choose your desired nib with a 250 thread. You can change the nib easily by screwing. If you want something special, we recommend our bi-colour nib made of 14kt. Gold.

If you like your fountain pen attached to your pocket or notebook, take a look at our Kaweco Clip for Supra made from bronze. It also protects the pen from rolling on even surfaces.

Writing System: Fountain Pen
Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Gold, Silver
Length posted: 16,5 cm
Length closed: 13 cm
Weight: 49 g